Demiraglar Marble

Marble production process


The raw marble extracted from the quarry is cleaned after the cutting process and turned into block marble. Then, the marble plate is obtained by cutting it into thin plates with the help of a machine. Desired lengths and dimensions are cut according to demand.

Decorative mosaic marble tiles, which are indispensable especially for kitchens and bathrooms, are created by combining the pieces cut from the plates with a Waterjet machine.


Whether marble slabs or marble tiles are produced, appropriate polish and surface treatments are applied before being presented to the user. These processes offer you a pleasant use by protecting the marble product and increasing its life.

How is the January Production Made?

The most important stakeholder, where the quality is affected in the first stage and perhaps the cost can be reduced, is the marble quarry management. First of all, it is necessary to examine the quarry in detail in terms of profitability, color and quality and to start the operation later, before starting marble production. Otherwise, the losses will grow later and the quarry will be closed. More than 500 quarries throughout the country are still producing. It is known that approximately 55,000-60,000 people are employed in the quarries and factories of the sector. In boron mining, this number is about 2,200. This figure is an indicator of how much employment the marble sector is. It is estimated that the existing marble quarries can work with a capacity of 60-70 people due to insufficient qualified workers and machinery. In addition, quarries operate seasonally in open pit conditions, and since there are no qualified quarry workers to work full-year, the capacity utilization rate decreases.